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“The meaning of life is to find your gifts, the purpose of life is to give them away”

Pablo Picasso

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Welcome to This Happy Life, I'm Fiona Briffa - personal development trainer & coach, mother of 2 awesome adults and wife of a very patient man.   

My mission in life is to help you uncover the hidden treasures in your unique identity so you can manage your self, your life and your relationships for a confident, full and happy life.

To do this, I will:

  • Equip you with training to identify what makes you tick, what drives you and where your wellbeing is found.

  • Empower you with tools to understand and make the most of who you already are.

  • Encourage you with ongoing tips and support every step of the way

My Vision

To help you to become the best and happiest version of yourself.

To provide you with the tools to live a happy, fulfilled life that will positively impact you and those around you.

To provide an inclusive and supportive environment for you to grow in, regardless of age, beliefs or background.

To make personal growth & development affordable and accessible to everyone and Equip Empower and Encourage you with a holistic approach,

to develop;

~ Happy Mind ~

~ Happy Body ~

~ Happy Spirit ~


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